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For how many state exams does Smarter Review have products?

Thirty-three, and growing.

Ok. So what is Smarter Review?

Smarter Review is an American educational publishing company.

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Smarter Review Cover Shot

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So what’s so smart about it?

It’s efficient. Smarter Review products cut study time roughly in half compared to other methods.

So what’s special about a Quick Prep?

As you may know, standard review courses too often present candidates with more information than can be comfortably digested. Instead of winnowing subjects down to the most basic and important points, they offer boxes and weeks of materials and lectures. This leaves too many falling behind, feeling hopeless, and confused about what to learn. This is the problem a Quick Prep solves. It covers just enough so that a candidate can prepare for an exam in a reasonable amount of time with a manageable workload.

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The MBE Quick Prep

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But how do you pick “the key points?”

Carefully and successfully. We research what the examiners want candidates to know, review released exams, research the law, and present what is needed in an efficient, effective, up-to-date guide.

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What are your pass rates?

We do keep an estimated figure internally but don’t release it publicly. It’s “better than average.” But we don’t tout pass rates because there’s no review we can give to 100% of candidates taking the exam and have 100% pass. In fact, depending on the jurisdiction, there’s no review we can give to 100% of candidates taking the exam and have 70% pass; the tests are graded on a curve. Statistically, passage rates are more closely linked to factors such as previous academic performance, law school, and English being a first language than they are to lectures. You can find more information about pass rates on the various bar examiners’ websites.

Very interesting . . . but I have more questions.


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The GA Bar Exam Quick Prep (Thanks Mike)

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Can a Quick Prep help an international student or one trained outside of the US?

Yes. Each Quick Prep is written with the assumption that the reader knows little to nothing about U.S. law or the U.S. legal system. If a candidate can learn the rules in a Quick Prep, they can pass their exam.

Can a Quick Prep help someone who plans to study part-time or around a unique schedule?

Yes. Having a Quick Prep means having the freedom to choose your own study schedule. It’s always ready to go and never needs charging.

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Quick Prep Comparison Chart

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How quickly can one responsibly prepare for a bar examination with a Quick Prep Plus?

The comprehensive coursebook sets are roughly 180-hour courses. The instructions suggest studying at least 6 hours per day for 30 days. You have the option, however, of easily customizing your calendar to study 3 hours per day for 60 days or anywhere in-between. You can choose a reasonable pace for yourself. That said, we often hear of people in a pinch passing after fewer than 3 weeks of dedicated study.

The lecture course supplements simply enhance the lecture course experience for every subject. A lecture course may require several days of lectures and readings to explain a subject like contracts. A Quick Prep explains the key contract rules within about 45, well-spaced pages.

So, do you study a Quick Prep online or in hard copy? Or both?

Quick Preps are printed (and only printed). The printed page is still the easiest thing on the eyes to study. Additionally, having a physical volume allows you to underline, highlight, markup, tab, pack, carry, and study as you always have. Each volume arrives as a perfect-bound, durable, velvet matte paperback. We value your time, trust, and study experience.

Ok. How do I choose?

Click the “Find Your Quick Prep” tab above and answer a few quick questions about your exam.

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The Uniform Bar Exam Quick Prep

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Ok. So what, exactly, is in a Quick Prep?

In very simple terms, you’ll find the rules you need to know to pass with explanations and examples that make the law make sense. It’s concise. It’s to the point. The Quick Prep is the only bar study product that saves you time.

Does a Quick Prep include MBE materials with state distinctions?


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The Florida Bar Exam Quick Prep Plus

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Ok. Then what, exactly, is in a Quick Prep Plus?

A Quick Prep Plus is a Quick Prep Plus practice. So just as with a Quick Prep, you will find the rules you need to know with explanations and examples that make the law make sense. In addition, you will find practice questions and tests to ensure you’re exam ready in 30 days or fewer.

How does someone know they’re learning the right stuff with a Quick Prep Plus?

Practice tests. If a candidate can ace the Quick Prep Plus practice tests, they will ace the real thing. That’s because Quick Prep Plus practice tests are either actual tests candidates took in previous cycles or very close simulations.

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Quick Prep Practice

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Is practice material included in only the “Plus” editions?


Do the “Plus” editions include materials and practice for everything tested, including the MBE, essays, and MPT portions?

Yes. The Quick Prep Plus is a comprehensive coursebook set.

Does the Quick Prep Plus contain a schedule?

Yes. The Quick Prep Plus contains a customizable 30-day study calendar.

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Customizeable Calendar

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Ok. How long are Quick Preps?

Great question:

  • Quick Prep: about 500 pages of well-spaced text in a comfortable font and size.
  • Quick Prep Plus: about 1500 pages of well-spaced text in a comfortable font and size. That’s roughly 1/4 the length of the printed portion of a standard review.

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The CA Bar Exam Quick Prep

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What if someone’s already registered in a lecture course? Can a Quick Prep help them?

Yes. A Quick Prep will help them save time and stay on their study schedule when things get hectic. And if they’re in a lecture course, things will get hectic.

When will the fresh Quick Preps become available?

A limited number of Quick Preps are in stock and available for purchase now. Additional Quick Preps are made each April and November for Spring and Fall distribution. Those with reservations by March (for April runs and July tests) or October (for November runs and February tests) are guaranteed to get theirs.

How often are the materials updated?

Once or twice per year depending on changes to the law and the tests.

Who does the research and writing?

Click below to view a list of contributors.

Writing Credits

Do Quick Preps ever go out of stock?

Yes. Quick Preps are made in limited runs. To make sure you get your Quick Prep, consider making a reservation.

Why make a reservation?

For the sake of economic and environmental prudence, we don’t make extra Quick Preps. As an unfortunate consequence, however, we sometimes cannot satisfy customers who appear at the last minute. To help make a better customer experience, we offer reservations.

A reservation offers you two benefits. First, making a reservation requires a $99 fee, but saves you $199 on your final order. Thus, on balance you save $100 by making a reservation. Second, making a reservation allows you to rest assured knowing that a Quick Prep is being readied just for you.

To make a reservation, simply click “Reserve Yours” and complete the simple form. Afterwards–approximately 4 months before your exam– you will receive an email with a code to deduct $199 from the price of your Quick Prep order. At that point, you can order your Quick Prep, save $199, and have your Quick Prep delivered to you with time to spare.

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Texas Quick Prep Plus Rule with State Distinction

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Ok, say I want to get an early start. Can I order a Quick Prep now and get the newest edition in time for my exam?

Yes. If you order a Quick Prep here, you can get the next edition at 50% off the purchase price. Simply email support and we’ll take care of you.

Ok. Can you ship internationally?


I’ve heard my state may switch to the UBE. What happens if I order a Quick Prep and the test changes?

Not a problem. We simply fill your order with the Quick Prep appropriate for the state and date you choose.

Can I pay by check?

Yes. That option is available at checkout.


Each Quick Prep ordered from Smarter Review is backed by a 15-day, money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied, simply contact support and we’ll promptly help you return and refund your purchase.

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Quick Prep Benefits

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What do customers say?

Here are a few:

Oscar De Armas

Legal Recruiter at RMN Global Search, Inc.
Emory Law School (JD)

My testimonial:

It was my first time taking the Florida Bar. Fresh out of law school, I found myself lagging behind the suggested pace that BarBri required me to be at if I wanted assured success in taking the bar exam. Like anyone that went to law school, I was freaking out.

There were about 3 weeks left before game time. I was beginning to panic because my lectures had just ended and I could finally see the mountain that I had ahead at its fullest. It looked like it was going to be impossible to trek it. “How am I going to do this?” I thought.

Then, I found Smarter Review.

Mind you, I had already begun practicing on my own, and I had been regularly scoring under half correct when it came to MBE sets. I was really trying too!! Always checking to see why I got the answer wrong. I kept falling for the traps. I’m shaking my fist in the air as I type this.

Smarter Review was a clear, concise and effective teaching tool – giving me the common MBE knowledge that was required for one to pass. It gave me space to take put in my own mnemonics, but more than anything, I loved how “on point” and succinct the entire book was. It included all of the subjects, even ones that I thought I knew quite well. Reviewing these perfect outlines really shaped how I understood all of the information in a more manageable way.

My best memory, however, is the day of the exam. My colleagues would run over to my hotel room, amp’d up on coffee and adrenaline from the exam. We would cram together and try to explain major concepts to each other to make sure we knew what we were doing. Anytime someone was confused, however, I could quickly open my Smarter Review book. It was our little bible for the day.

They all asked about it even after the exam. I’m kind of horrible for not sharing my secret then.

I just found out I passed, and I definitely owe it to the review book. What do you have to lose anyway? This book is worth its weight in gold and compared to the exorbitant amount you would normally pay for a review course – beyond worth it. Don’t be a fool, try it out.

Daniel Morton-Bently

Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP

I greatly enjoyed the Smarter Review bar materials — I used them primarily to prepare for the New York State essays and found them very useful. The New York essay questions are very specific, and the outlines prepared me well for this level of detail (Massachusetts, for example, tends to test generally on Multistate topics like contracts and torts).

My only suggestion for improvement would be that there were some typos. It’s a lot of material, but I think a read-through by some editors would get rid of these.


Dan Morton-Bentley

The Girl’s Guide to Law School

(available in full here.)

I work full time. I’ve been out of law school for a couple of years. My Louisiana license has reciprocity only with Texas, and only after many years of practice. Yet I wanted to become licensed in New York: my family lives there, my partner lives there, I want to live there some day.

I needed a bar prep course, but BARBRI et al. were out of the question. Those major bar review packages are too expensive, too unfocused, and too time consuming. I couldn’t afford to take 2 months out of my life to pour over multiple books and sit through lectures filled with anxious test-takers.

I took the bar exam once, so I am aware that it’s at best a rite of passage and at worst a scam.

I thought about doing the Micromash/Multistate Edge package — I like multiple choice, but I knew that I would actually have to focus on New York State. Enter Smarter Review. Alison turned me onto it and I promised to write a review when this was all finished. (Full disclosure: They gave me free access.)

The materials were concise and informative. I peaked at some old BARBRI books that were lying around and found that I preferred my Smarter Review outlines. I have a suspicion: BARBRI justifies its outrageous exorbitant cost by sending you many books that you do not have time to read, and then, if you fail, you feel tremendous guilt for not memorizing (seriously?) all the books, and blame yourself — not your review course. I digress.

Smarter Review’s instructions were great, they said what to study in what order, and how much to study it.

Many of the New York subjects are barely tested so should only be studied if time is available. I would like it if there was a schedule of when to study what provided in the future. But the absence of one allowed me to remember where being a grown up comes in.

I remembered that I have been studying since I was eight, and probably could figure out on my own how to learn the material.

I procrastinated a lot (I watched Seasons 1-6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer) — if you use Smarter Review you should not be a procrastinator. Just learn the material: Save yourself thousands of dollars.

Of course the big answer to the big question. Did I pass? Now, remember that I never took a Multistate before (Louisiana is the one state in the nation that doesn’t use it) and I took exactly one week off work.


Grainne O’Neill
Charles Hamilton Huston Institute at Harvard Law School
Columbia Law School (JD)

Some short ones:

>I finally passed the New York Bar in July! THANK YOU Smarter Review!

>fyi – normally wouldn’t make the effort to write but am studying from your outlines and they kick as*! thx again!

>Excellent Notes…Thanks!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++

>The NY Bar notes are GREAT. Well worth the money. Thanks!

>Digests look great – Obviously a lot of work went into them – Thanks!

>Materials look good and are very in-depth. thanks again for the saved time! A+

>Thanks for your e-mail. your notes are very good, indeed.

>A++++++ Fast Response … very helpfull outlines

>Super Fast Service. Appears to be a very nice study tool. Thanks.

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Ok. What now?

Schedule a consultation

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